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Terms and conditions printed on the company's transaction receipt/bill and customer packaging list declaration. By signing this form, we the undersigned accept and abide by the service terms and conditions of First Klass Shipping Specialist Limited.

1.FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED does not accept dangerous goods (including weapons and explosive of any type) nor does it accept hazardous materials for international carriage without the prior written consent.

2.Subject to the conditions herein, FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED shall be liable for the goods during the period they are in its  charge or the charge of its agents.

3.The shipper shall comply with all applicable laws and government regulations of any country to, from, through or over which the goods may be  carried, including those relating to the parking, carriage or delivery of goods, and shall furnish such information and attach such documents to the shipment as may be necessary to comply with such laws and regulations.FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED is not liable to the shipper  for loss or expense due to the shipper's failure to comply with this provision.

4.FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED as a door to door service shall notify consignee of arrival of consignment, or the person indicated on the face hereof as the person to be notified prior to delivery. If the consignee declines to accept the goods or cannot be communicated with,the disposition will be in accordance with instructions of the consignor.

5.Where FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED have extended credit to the sender of the consignment, items will not be delivered to the consignee until full payment of carriage charges is received. Additional storage charges may be imposed after 7 days of notification.

6.FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED undertake to facilitate the carriage hereunder with reasonable dispatch.FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED may substitute alternate carriers and may without notice and with due regard to the interest of the shipper substitute other means of transportation. FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED is authorised to select the routing or to change or deviate from the routing shown the face hereof.

7.On the receipt of consignment, it is the responsibility of the consignee to check the content before signing,After signing for delivery, FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED will not be liable for the consignment if no complaint is raised before our dispatchers leave the premises.



 8.It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that proper packaging is used and that the contents of the shipment are adequately and securely packed,wrapped and cushioned for transportation. If a shipment is determined to inadequately or improperly packaged, then FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED may but is not obliged to, re-package the shipment subject to an additional handling charge.

It is the responsibly of the customer to accurately complete the packaging with the name, code or postal code of the recipient and the consignee as well as confirming the information required by signing the shipment bill.

FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED will not claim liability for damages caused to a consignment which was not properly packaged.



1.FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED will be liable for compensation and settlement on all items list, damaged or stolen when negligence and fault is identified to be on the part of the shipper. Compensation will be subject to the provision of evidence of purchase and cost of items by the sender.

2.If the sum entered on the face of the invoice as "declare value for the charge" represents an amount in excess of the applicable limits  of liability referred to in the above notice and in these conditions and if the sender has paid any supplementary charge that may be required by FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED conditions of the carriage or regulations, this shall constitute a special declaration of value and in this case the value of liability shall be the sum declared. Payment of claims shall be subject to proof of actual damages suffered.



3.The person entitled to delivery or sender must make a complaint to FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED in writing in case:

i.Of visible damage to baggage, parcel or document immediately after discovery of the damage and at the latest within 14 days from receipt of goods.

ii.Of other damage to goods, within 14 days from the date of receipt.

iii.Of delay, within 28 days of the date the goods are placed at his disposal and

iv.Of non-delivery of the goods, within 120 days from the date of the issue of the invoice

v.Any rights to damages against FIRST KLASS SHIPPING SPECIALIST LIMITED shall be extinguished unless an action is brought within 6 months from the date of arrival at the destination.

Customers are advised to keep their receipts and invoice at all times as this may be required upon request by First Klass Shipping Specialist Limited.

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